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Small Business Services

The Walker Law Firm offers the following services:

Business Formation                                                                                              
We work closely with entrepreneurs to select the type of organization that best suits their needs and will ensure the most advantageous tax treatment. We advise clients on the pros and cons of organizing as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Limited Partnership (LP), a C corporation, or an S corporation. We then professionally draft and file all the required documents—so you can concentrate on starting your new business.

Formation of A Corporation                                                                                       
When forming a corporation, there are various legal requirements to be satisfied. If the corporation is not set up properly, the shareholders/owners may lose the liability protection that is afforded by use of a corporation. We will advise you on the various issues surrounding the formation of a corporation and provide the corporate formation documents that will assure that your corporation has been lawfully established.

Formation of a Limited Liability Company                                           
Our law firm offers full services for formation of your Limited Liability Company (LLC). We will guide you in the additional actions you must take to operate your LLC lawfully and to maintain the liability protection your LLC offers. Our services include registration of the LLC, creation of the operating agreement, multi-state registration (if necessary), and counseling regarding licensing requirements.  

Please note that internet services may handle the registration of your LLC and prepare your operating agreement, but they often will not provide in-depth review of your particular circumstances to assure compliance with all applicable laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia nor will they ensure your performance and execution of the required documentation. Our goal is to assure that your company is operating lawfully from day one, and to continue to provide legal services to you as needed.

Employment Issues                                                                            
As businesses grow employee relations and employee issues also grow. We can advise you on the employment issues and laws that face employers as they expand and provide solutions and strategies to reduce the chances of being sued for employment law violations.

Covenants Not to Compete (non-compete agreements)
A covenant not to compete is an agreement by which a person or business agrees not to engage in providing products or services in a defined geographic area for a defined period of time period. For example, a person may agree that he or she won’t act as a sales person selling medical supplies in the county of Fairfax, Virginia for a period of one year. Covenants not to compete are not favored by the courts, and have to be drafted carefully in order to provide assurance of enforceability.  We can prepare covenants not to compete that protect your business and which have a stronger probability of enforceability.  We also review covenants not to compete for employees and provide guidance as to their scope and enforceability.

Covenants Not to Solicit  
Covenants not to solicit are agreements under which a person agrees to not solicit or hire employees of his or her previous employer, or agrees not to solicit or contract with clients or customers of his/her previous employer. Two of the most important assets of any business are its employees and its clients. Covenants not to solicit are generally enforceable if properly drafted, and often provide greater protection for a business than covenants not to compete. We will work with you to draft covenants not to solicit that avoid the common pitfalls and provide you with maximum protection.

Commercial Transactions                                                                         
The Walker Law Firm is your ultimate resource for commercial business transactions. We can professionally handle virtually any transaction, be it a simple purchase or lease or a complex deal.  Our Lawyers know of how to negoaite to maximize your potential for success. 

Properly drafted contracts are essential to your survival.  Poorly drafted agreements can cost you your business. We draft, review, and negotiate contracts and leases; handle acquisitions; and offer advice on numerous contract-related issues.  Our lawyers maximize your protection while minimizing your risk.  We draft every contract as if it will be litigated in court. 

Registered Agent Services                                                    
We provide registered agent services for all business entities. A Virginia corporation or limited liability company is required by law to have a registered agent in the state of Virginia. Foreign entities doing business in Virginia are also required to have a registered agent in Virginia.

Disputes and Litigation                                                              
No matter how carefully you prepare and plan, many business deals and issues end up being litigated. Litigation is extremely expense, unpleasant and potentially damaging to your reputation.  The Walker Law Firm works hard to keep your business out of court while looking out for your best interests.  Our Firm zealously advocates for you when disputes arise, but we also do everything we can to prevent disputes from occurring. When they do, we work closely with our business clients and make sure they have complete information in order to find the most cost-effective decisions.

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