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Flat Fee Business Services

The Walker Law Firm offers the following services for a flat fee:

General Business Contracts:

Our firm can draft a contract for virtually any business transaction in which you need the protection of a legal agreeemnt. We prepare every contract as if it will be tested in litigation and ensure every possible advantage is in our clients favor. Contact us today for our flat rates on any type of contract your business requires. 

Business Formation:

  • Creating a corporation
  • Creating a corporation with bylaws
  • Creating an LLC
  • Creating an LLC with operating agreement

Not sure which business entity is right for your business?  Contact us today and we will help you through the process.

Trademark Registration

We will conduct a comprehensive trademark search to ensure no other company currently uses your trademark. The firm will then prepare and file your trademark application and respond to any objections made by the Commonwealth of Virginia regarding your application. Contact us to get started today.

Real Estate Leases:

Our firm will draft a custom residential lease suited to your individual needs.  We will maximize your advantage while minimizing your risk.

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